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We are happy to announce that our Trafalgar merch store is open! This year we have some awesome new, student designed merch. If anyone would like to purchase anything before the Holidays orders must be in by the 28th of November. 

At the beginning of the process we order blank hoodies, sweatpants etc. that we then use to print our student made designs onto. First students learned how to use Adobe to create their designs. Then the students print the designs on vinyl using a vinyl cutter, which students have named Gary. After that, we have to peel out the design then use the heat press to transfer the designs onto the fabric. For mugs we have a similar process, except we have to use sublimation paper which we proceed to print the designs onto then use a special mug heat press to make them. Then we take photos of the product to post on our website. Every piece of merchandise is student made and designed. There is so much hard work and effort put into this process. This is a link to our website so go check it out! 

Even if you aren’t buying something, tell your friends and family about our store, you don’t have to have a student at the school to buy merchandise! 

Also all the proceeds we make go back to the school for more Maker Space learning and field trips!

Thank you for your support,
The Grade 9  Entrepreneurship classes and Ms. Bloom 

If you have any questions please contact 

Visit Trafalgar Thunder Merch Store