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Jessie Adam TAG 8-2
Jesse Anast TAG 6-4
Jen Bailey TAG 9-6
Martin Corbett TAG 8-6
David Dando Inclusion Support
Sarah Day TAG 7-5
Carla DeBiasio TAG 8-3
Peter Chirico Metalwork
Calina Crevier Inclusion Support
Jaclyn Dexter Aboriginal Education Academic Support
Sharon Inkpen TAG 9-4
Karie Jackson TAG 6-3
Brooke Jones TAG 6-1
Aaron Korbacher TAG 8-5
Wanda Machado TAG 6-2
Amy MacKay Drama Teacher
Helen McCool French
Chris Mieske Inclusion Support
Marcello Piro TAG 8-7 & Woodworking
Staci Proctor TAG 7-6 & Foods
Joel Ratcliffe TAG 8-1
Justin Ratzburg Band Program
Honor Rozee TAG 9-1
Lauren Smith TAG 7-1
Brian Stainer TAG 7-4
Mark Stuart TAG 7-6
Marin Thomas TAG 9-2
Brandy Turner TAG 8-7
Camryn Wallan TAG 9-5
Trisha Wilson Digital Literacy/Makerspace
Karen Walgren Library
Support Staff
Misha Chernoff Education Assistant
Dominic Durette Education Assistant
Stacey Esovoloff Education Assistant
Heather Good Education Assistant
Christie-Anne Laroche Education Assistant
Marnie Lehr Education Assistant
Vicky Strebchuk Education Assistant
Cynthia St. Thomas Education Assistant
Christophe Valls French Immersion Education Assistant
Karen Walgren Library