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Lifelong Explorations offer student-centered, hands-on, and “minds-on” exploratory experiences in our regular timetable, as courses. 

Lifelong Explorations (LLE) allow students to explore topics of interest in key competency areas (see below). Explorations are multi-age, allowing our students to get to know each other across the grades. They are also scheduled in two 53 minute blocks, which allow the classes to take advantage of the extended time for projects, community outings, and in-depth learning/engagement.


Lifelong Explorations Courses are updated each term to meet student interest, but regular offerings include:

Athletics: Golf, Hockey Academy, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer
Health & Fitness: Outdoor Recreation, Swim and Gym, International Cuisine
Leadership & Citizenship: Green Leadership, Newspaper
Arts & Design: Photography, Stitch ‘n Craft, Creativity with Clay, Filmmaking, 
Fine Arts: Jewelry Making, Drama/Theatre
Science & Technology: Makerspace & Robotics, Hands on Science, Woodwork

Learn more about LLE's by reading the Course Handbook