Grade 8's Leave their mark with Art

Grade 8 art students have been working on leaving Trafalgar more beautiful then they found it. Part of this project has resulted in additional signage around the school. 





The “We are all welcome” sign near the centre:

Suzanne Miller

Sequoia Lauritzen

Haliegh Fuller


The exploding blender near the foods room:

Tanner Jackson

Ally Nicholson

Neve Hamilton

Logan Martin

Suraya Ravestein


The “Trafalgar Thunder Raining Basketballs and Volleyballs” in the south stairwell:

Gala Snir Shaool

Zola St. Thomas

Zakary Burgoyne

Emil Metcalf

Kaia Moore


The “Music Room” painting on grade 7 floor

Luna Almeida

Rena Torii (who is back in Japan)


The “Thunder” Score Board for home games:

Eden Bellman

Madison Clark