Cross Curricular Cribbage Creation

My Crib Board Creation Story

By Jeremiah Richichi


When Mr Stainer told us that we were making crib boards someone asked where the wood came from. Mr Stainer said that it’s coming from colestnikof. The first thing we did was choose what size we wanted. Most people wanted large, some wanted small and barely anyone wanted medium. Then he got us to line up the design to the wood so he knew where to cut the wood. Then he got us a nail and we used our sheet to line out the holes so we know where to drill. After done drilling you would get your board shaved so it’s even then you would cut the top into a circle so it looks better once done that you would go into the computer lab and look at a design for the back then when done creating a design he will give you beeswax and linseed oil to make it look better and darker. Something that was challenging was drilling because it would give your arm a workout. My crib board right now is at my dad’s house and we play a lot. I’ll probably won’t use it because I have a really nice crib board but in case I don't have mine on me it will be good.