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Board of Education Unanimously Passes 2024-2025 Budget

- Budget focused on maintaining educational staff despite projected decline in enrolment

The School District No. 8 (Kootenay Lake) Board of Education unanimously approved the annual budget for the 2024-2025 school year at its public meeting on the evening of May 14. 

“This budget reflects the board’s commitment to providing excellent education to students across our six families of schools from kindergarten through grade 12, aligned with our strategic plan priorities. I am very pleased that we were able to pass a balanced budget that maintains similar teaching and educational support staff levels to 2023-2024, even though we are projecting about 70 fewer students,” said Dawn Lang, Board of Education Chair.

The budget for the next school year totals $85 million. Reducing funds available for services and supplies across the district has allowed the district to reallocate those funds to focus on maintaining educational staffing levels despite a projected reduction in provincial funding. 

"We have streamlined our processes at the district and in schools over the past year and moved toward more sustainable models,” said Trish Smillie, Superintendent of Schools and Chief Executive Officer. 

Improvements include centralized purchasing and financial efficiencies, more cost-effective professional development opportunities, energy savings from facility upgrades and generally economizing on supplies. 

“These measures have helped to create a balanced budget while continuing above-average levels of teaching staff in classrooms compared to districts of a similar size and composition,” said Smillie.

All B.C. school districts are required to approve a balanced budget by June 30. The SD8 budget focuses on educational resources for student achievement and success outlined in the district’s strategic plan as required by the provincially mandated Framework for Enhancing Student Learning.