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Superintendent's Report - May 2024

Woman with brown hair standing in front of green bush on a sunny day.

It feels like the school year speeds up this time of year!  May is when 2024 grads who have applied for scholarships are going through adjudication for their awards, while others are preparing to embark on their first steps in a career, apprenticeship, job search, gap year or post-secondary educational journey. 

Each student from kindergarten to grade 12 is closer in May to realizing their potential as young learners than when they entered school in September. As school district staff, our primary mandate from the Province of B.C. is to enable learners to develop intellectually, socially and emotionally, and to prepare them for future careers. In other words, to become educated citizens.

This journey is happening in the primary and middle grades at Hume Elementary where students are learning stop motion animation as part of the ArtStarts program. It’s continuing at a more advanced level at Salmo Secondary and at Mount Sentinel Secondary where students are honing their trades and technology skills, winning provincial awards for 2D animation, placing in the top 10 in carpentry and photography, and being nominated for provincial recognition in student filmmaking. It’s inspiring to see what SD8 students can achieve.  

In this issue, you’ll read a full range of stories about bright, curious, creative children on their individual and collective journeys to becoming educated citizens. 

Enjoy the May issue.



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