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Superintendent's Report - February 2024

Woman in black blazer and magenta shirt smiling and standing in front of green bush with pink flowers with sunshine beaming from behind.

We are nearing the 100th day of school and in primary grades, this is an important day of learning! All of our students are about halfway through the year, many have begun second semester, and everyone is in full learning mode in their classrooms, outdoors and in their communities. They are connecting with one another, sharing knowledge and experiences, embracing the world around them and working with educators to develop the skills they need to become lifelong learners.

Through January and into February, grades 9-11 have started or are making progress on their three-year graduation plans. Grade 12 students, such as the Class of 2024 at Crawford Bay Elementary Secondary, generously shared their wisdom and insights with the younger grades who were keen to know about the choices they have made for courses, work, training and life experience, as well as the paths they plan to take toward higher education and future careers. Also in the spirit of sharing stories and knowledge with those that follow, Hume Elementary students read the story of "Sila and the Land" with Aboriginal Success Teacher Zoe Oppenheim to learn about the Salmon's teaching of the importance of knowledge-sharing after returning home from an adventure.

Learning is happening everywhere in late winter.

Students from Adam Robertson Elementary participated in Family Literacy Week from January 21-28, taking up the Bookworm Challenge while parents attended the Family Friday Read with their children. At the same time, students at W.E. Graham Community School, Redfish Elementary, South Nelson Elementary and Brent Kennedy Elementary embraced the outdoors and winter to learn outdoors. Students worked on a range of skills such as physical literacy by learning to ski and snowboard, and used weekly winter outings to explore what it means to be socially responsible in a community.

I'm excited to see what the rest of the school year brings, and hope that you enjoy this late-winter snapshot of learning in our families of schools.


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