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Check out the Awesome: Trafalgar

Trafalgar Makes Fancy Shawl Regalia and Dances at Powwow!

Two women sitting on the floor

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“Making reglia and being together doing this work is a spiritual journey and is all about Relationship.  The relationship between all of us here working together--the moms, the aunties, the youth, and the young ones.  What you are learning here, you will share with others just as the moms and aunties are here sharing what they have learned.  The outcome is less important than the journey and the fun and friendships we are gaining along the way.” -Donna Wright, part of the Old Ones

This journey began three years ago in clock time, when the courageous Nikita Shlakoff shared her healing Jingle Dress Dance with the entire student body of Trafalgar and many community members of Nelson.  The awed response of those gathered inspired other youth to ask, “Can we dance?  Can we make regalia?”.  This fall, we began the process.  Initially, we thought we would gather two to three times to learn how the shawl making basics, but it turned into a full year project, with the group gathering every Wednesday to make magic. 

Leau and Blake hard at work on their fabulous shawls. 

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The joy and learning in the room drew more and more people to check out what was happening, ask questions, and sparked the desire in others to make their own regalia and be part of the group.  “Everyone is welcome in the circle”, Donna reminds us, and whoever is there is meant to be there.