School Staff


Name Position Email
Mark Bonikowsky Vice-Principal
Amy Strachan Principal - Trafalgar Middle School


Name Position Email
Mrs. Karen Walgren Teacher Librarian Teacher Page
Mr. Martin Corbett TAG 9-6
Ms. Heather Bury TAG 9-5
Ms. Danielle Klassen TAG 9-4 Teacher Page
Mme Helena Bryn-McLeod TAG 9-3
Mme Lisa Hobden TAG 9-2
Mme Honor Rozee TAG 9-1 Teacher Page
Ms. Emily Mather TAG 8-6
Ms. Carla DeBiasio TAG 8-5 Teacher Page
Mr. Curtis Bendig TAG 8-4 Teacher Page
Mr. Marcello Piro TAG 8-3 and Woodworking Teacher Page
Mr. Cam Lytle TAG 8-3
Mr. Marc Savard TAG 8-2
Mme Helen McCool TAG 8-1 Teacher Page
Ms. Danielle Zuccaro TAG 7-8
Ms. Sarah Lang TAG 7-5
Mr. Brian Stainer TAG 7-4 Teacher Page
Ms. Tanya Thayer TAG 7-3
Ms. Kristina Lidstone TAG 7-2
Mme Lauren Smith TAG 7-1
Ms. Karie Jackson TAG 6-5 Teacher Page
Mr. Jesse Anast TAG 6-4 Teacher Page
Ms. Brooke Jones TAG 6-3
Mme Wanda Machado TAG 6-2 Teacher Page
Mr. Chris Chambers Metalwork and Woodwork Teacher
Ms. Alison Bloom Makerspace and Inclusion S.T. Teacher Page
Mrs. Sharon Inkpen Inclusion Support Teacher and Art Teacher Teacher Page
Mr. David Dando Inclusion Support Teacher
Mr. Chris Mieske Inclusion Support Teacher Teacher Page
Mme Ashley Laframboise French Immersion Teacher, TAG 9-2
Mrs. Staci Proctor Foods and TAG 8-3 Teacher Page
Ms. Danica Weager District Ab Ed Teacher
Ms. Stephanie Connelly Digital Tech Teacher
Ms. Jennifer MacMillan Dance Teacher
Ms. Jasmine Pepperall Band Program
Mr. Justin Ratzburg Band Program Teacher Page
Mme Jaclyn Dexter Aboriginal Education Academic Support Teacher
Ms. Amy MacKay

Support Staff:

Name Position Email
Mrs. Tina Borhi Secretary
Ms. Miranda Kastrukoff Secretary
Mr. Christophe Valls French Immersion Education Assistant
Mr. Misha Chernoff Education Assistant
Mrs. Stacey Esovoloff Education Assistant
Ms. Tyanna Esovoloff Education Assistant
Mrs. Christie-Anne Laroche Education Assistant
Mrs. Marnie Lehr Education Assistant
Mrs. Cynthia St. Thomas Education Assistant
Mrs. Vicky Strebchuk Education Assistant
Coral Colgur Education Assistant