Student Dress Code


The general rule for the dress code is for students to dress in a manner appropriate to establish a positive learning atmosphere at school. This means that clothes that may be appropriate in other settings may not be appropriate for school. School administration reserves the right to judge what is or is not appropriate.


The following dress code was developed by staff, administration, and students to provide easy to follow guidelines around appropriate dress at TMS.

— Footwear must, for safety reasons, be worn at all times.

— Shorts, pants and skirts must be of sufficient length. Undergarments must not be prominently in sight for either gender!

— Shirts must be able to touch the top of the pants in a normal standing position, have an appropriate neckline, and not be see-through.

— Tops must cover the majority of your upper body.

— Beachwear or sleepwear is not appropriate in school (unless it’s Pyjama Day!)

— Clothing of any kind condoning violence, profanity, hatred, discrimination, negative stereotypes or promoting illegal drug use or abuse of alcohol are not appropriate.


Q:What happens if I wear something inappropriate to school?”

A: You will be asked to not do so again, ask you to turn your shirt inside out or provide you with a Trafalgar t-shirt for the day. The consequence will depend on the circumstance, but it will always be fair and equitable.