School Dance Policy

Attending a school dance is a privilege for all Trafalgar students. To this effect, only citizens-in-good-standing are permitted to attend. In order to maintain your status of citizen-in-good-standing, we simply require students follow and respect our School Code of Conduct. To attend a school dance, we school expects all of our students to: 1) take responsibility for their actions and behaviour; 2) make respectful choices; and 3) stay safe.


Attendance Matters

Attendance at school is an important expectation. Any student with an ‘unexcused’ absence from school, serving a suspension, sent home, serving an administrative in–school suspension on the week of the dance will not permitted to attend the dance.


What to Wear?

The dress code at a school dance is really no different than what we expect our students to wear during a regular school day. Trafalgar is a place of learning and a place of work (as learning at TMS is really a student’s job), therefore ‘business attire’ is what is expected. What does business attire look like? Quite simply: no tube tops, ‘muscle’ shirts, halter tops, shirts with bare backs, shirts with bare midriffs, exposed underwear, symbols/words promoting the use of drugs, tobacco, alcohol or profanity. If you think it might be inappropriate, it probably is…


However, we do recognize that students often like to dress up for a dance, and this is certainly encouraged, providing it meets our dress code.



In order to keep all of our students safe, and to ensure that all attendees at our dance follow the School’s Code of Conduct and Dress Code, only current Trafalgar students attend our school dances.


Still Unsure?

Please see our School Dress Code and School Code of Conduct or see Mrs. Leidloff or Mr. Yasinchuk for further details.