School Fee Schedule


Locker  (locks/locker repairs)  $10

Computer Lab (ink/paper)  $5

Lifelong Explorations (LLE)*  $45

Student Agenda $6.00

Library Book/Textbook Deposit**   $25

 Subtotal  $91            



Athletic Fee (X-country, field hockey & extra curricular sports activities) $50

Grade 6 Band (includes instrument rental and practice book)***  $100

Total (include $91 from above) $241.00


DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY OF THE School Fee Schedule for Trafalgar 2015-16.


*The LLE program is an enhancement to the standard Explorations program designed to engage students in activities in which they may not ordinarily have had the opportunity to participate. Many of these courses have significant costs associated with them (i.e. fees for specialized instructors, equipment rental, specialty food costs, specialized technology needs, bussing).  In order to create equal opportunity for all students to access these programs we have opted to charge the same fee for all programs rather than different fees for each course.  The fee indicated above does not fully cover the cost of running the LLE program but helps to offset the overall expenditures, thus enabling the school to continue to provide these exciting educational opportunities for our learners.

Hockey Academy has an additional fee of $350.00 to cover coaching/facility rental expenses.

**Textbook deposit ($25.00) is a one-time fee, charged when a student begins school at Trafalgar and is refundable at the end of the student’s Gr. 8 year if all textbooks and Library books have been returned in good condition.  As per Board Policy, the textbook deposit is capped at $50/family per year.

***Musical instruments rented from Long & McQuade will have separate fees not paid to the school.

NOTE: As per District Policy #205, the intent of our fees is to assist in covering the school’s costs. No student will be denied participation because of an inability to pay.  Please contact Mr. Luck if a subsidy is required. Depending on family circumstances, subsidy options may include:

  1. Deferred payment
  2. Payment over time
  3. Partial waiver
  4. Full waiver

NOTE: This fee schedule has been approved by the Trafalgar Middle School SPC and PAC.