Parent FAQs


FAQWhen Do Interim and Report Cards Come Out?

Term One Report Cards are being sent home with your child on Friday, December 11th. Term Two Report Cards will be sent home with your child on Friday, March 11th, right before Spring Break.
Interim Reports have already been distributed or emailed, so all Grade 6 and 7 students have received one for their Core Subjects, as well as all Grade 8 students have received them for Core Subjects. Only struggling learners have received them for their Explorations courses. The same applies for Term Two: your child will receive an Interim Report just about mid-way through the trimester.

Click here for an Interim Report Rubric Exemplar. Interim reports may also be communicated through telephone calls, emails, or parent-teacher conferences. Interim reports are informal means of communicating learning, and parents can expect at least two informal learning communications throughout the year, unless otherwise necessary.  Formal report cards are distributed at the end of each trimester (three times per year).

Why are there no marks for Lifelong Explorations (LLE), Core Options, and HCE 8?

Lifelong Explorations, a 12-week course that provides learners with hands on experiences in a multi-age setting, will not have a letter grade attached to the course. Neither will Health and Career Education (HCE) 8. There are several reasons for this:

  • The learning competencies will be reported through an assessment rubric attached to the report card
  • The assessment rubric provides significantly more information on your child’s progress than a simple letter grade
  • A letter grade will be provided upon request from parents

Click here for a LLE (Lifelong Explorations) Rubric exemplar.
Q. What is the Difference between Lifelong Explorations and Core Explorations?


Core Explorations are the traditional options that all students have an opportunity to take. Over the course of grades 6 through 7, all students will have taken a total of six core options, except for Band students, and those that choose the Aboriginal Education Program. Band runs through all 3 semesters.

Our Middle School philosophy is to give every student a chance at trying a variety of courses that are non-academic.

So, each year, your son/daughter travels with a Pod of Core Explorations students until they have taken six classes (three each year, or one per term). Core Exploration courses include Sewing, Technology, Digital Literacy, Art, Pop Choir, Foods and Nutrition.

In Grade 8, students are granted more of a choice in their Core Explorations, and we try to accommodate these as best as we can within our timetable.


Lifelong Explorations (LLE) is a NEW offering at Trafalgar. LLE is available as our Wednesday afternoon double block for mixed ages.  Last year, students selected their preferences for LLE. This September, we needed to refine the selections as some original courses were over-subscribed, and some were under-subscribed.

Therefore, to make the process as fair as possible, and to ensure all grades had an equal opportunity to take an LLE, we had course sign-ups completed in the TAGs (homerooms) with a limited number of slots per homeroom. Some students were waitlisted for courses and we will be going through the final selection process shortly.

Your son or daughter’s Term 2 LLE will start Wednesday, Wednesday, December 4th.

We are excited about offering such a different program, and such a variety of experiences that will build community, and “hands-on/minds-on” learning for our students! We also thank you for your patience and welcome feedback as we go through this process for the first time.


Lifelong Explorations aligns with our School Growth Plan goals of engaging our learners in meaningful experiences that foster Citizenship & Social Responsibility through positive multi-age interactions, and community connections.