Lifelong Explorations

LLE About 2013-14

Lifelong Explorations is an exciting new offering for our learners at Trafalgar! Lifelong Explorations offer student-centered, hands-on, and “minds-on” exploratory experiences in our regular timetable, as courses. They are not clubs!

How are Lifelong Explorations Different than our Current Options?

Lifelong Explorations (LLE) allow students to explore topics of interest in key competency areas (see below). Explorations are multi-age, allowing our students to get to know each other across the grades. They are also scheduled in two 64 minute blocks, which allow the classes to take advantage of the extended time for projects, community outings, and in-depth learning/engagement. They are assessed with a common rubric (see below) adjusted for each Exploration skill.


Lifelong Explorations Courses:

  • Athletics: Golf, Hockey Academy
  • Health & Fitness: Outdoor Recreation, Food for Life
  • Leadership & Citizenship: Yearbook, Leadership, Trafalgar Online
  • Arts & Design: Drawing,Photography, Stitch ‘n Craft
  • Fine Arts: Music Composition, Theatre Sports, Performance Choir
  • Science & Technology: Robotics, Hands on Science, Advanced Woodwork, MakerSpace

LLE Assessment Rubric Examples: Terms 1, 2, 3

There is a $30 fee for Lifelong Explorations to cover the cost of materials (it works out to about 86 cents per class). This fee has been built in to your school fees for the year.

MakerSpace LLE Minecraft Portal

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