Drama Program

Welcome to Drama at Trafalgar Middle School! Students in the Fine Arts Rotation will experience 13 weeks (1 term) of Drama at some point in the school year.

Grade 6: Drama at this level is purely exploratory.Students at this grade level will not receive letter grades on their report cards but will be assessed using peer and teacher feedback and criteria rubrics. Anecdotal feedback will be provided on formal reports. Students will participate in a variety of games and activities designed to promote trust, cooperation, physical and emotional control, concentration and, of course, fun! Students will also learn a variety of different Dramatic Conventions (such as tableau, graphic mime, one-liners, etc.) and be able to use these conventions in short performances.

Drama 6 Course Introduction

Grade 7:  Drama in the second year continues to be exploratory based. Games and activities are designed to stimulate creativity in a focused manner. A variety of themes and topics will be used to continue practice of Dramatic Conventions with a more specific focus on movement.

Drama 7 Course Introduction

Grade 8:  Drama at the Grade 8 level now focuses more on student creation and development of performance using conventions taught in grades 6 & 7. Games and activities continue to foster trust and cooperation, as well as examine leadership roles within groups.

Drama 8 Course Introduction


Performance Opportunities: Extra-curricular opportunities this year will include a play to be performed at our Kootenay Regional Drama Festival taking place in Nelson in early February. Students will also have a chance in May to attend the Goodwill Shakespeare Festival in Penticton which will include 4 fun-filled days of performances and workshops with a variety of presenters from all the genres of the Fine Arts. Students are also always able to perform for the school any projects from class they feel proud of and are performance ready.

Please listen carefully to the announcements for opportunities to participate in these performances!

For more details please see or contact Ms. Comrie!