Digital Devices

Digital Devices & Responsible Use Agreement

Digital devices are something that many students are bringing to school. Tablets, minis, iPods, cellphones, and more, are finding their way into the pockets and backpacks of our students. They are a great way to connect with friends, and can be a terrific learning tool if you use it responsibly.

If you and your parents have discussed having you bring a digital device to school, here’s what you should consider and know:

  • We are in progress for learning how to incorporate digital devices into learning
  • Some teachers may choose not to have you bring digital devices to class; others will
  • Ask your teacher if you are allowed to bring one to class, and what the rules are
  • If your teacher asks you to put your digital device in a basket for safekeeping, do so
  • Do not leave your digital device unattended, and DO NOT leave it in the change rooms!
  • If your device gets lost, look for it, but be prepared not to get it back–Trafalgar is not responsible for you losing your device (but we will try help you find it)

Here’s a few tips to make life easier with your digital device:cellphone

  • pause the texting–really (it can wait)
  • games or musicĀ are okay, at breaks or IF your teachers says its fine
  • don’t snap photos or videos without permission–ever!
  • when someone is talking to you, put your digital device aside and listen
  • don’t argue with your teacher about putting away your digital device

Other things to know:

  • sometimes we will take photos of students at our school for the school website
  • you will need to sign a Responsible Use Agreement (RUA) by end of September to indicate that you are aware of these responsibilities for using our school WIFI network and computer equipment