December 20 Daily Announcements



  1. Hoodie orders are here. Please drop by the foods room this morning to pick up.
  2. There will be extra hoodies for sale at the school tomorrow.  Bring your money ($37 for a zip hoodie or $35 for a pullover) if you wish to purchase. These are limited.
  3. Anyone missing a pair of prescription eyeglasses, please come to the office.
  4. The snowball zone will be open for designated grades only. Today the snowball zone will be open for grade 7 students only. Please remember snowballs must stay below the shoulders and there should be absolutely no face washing. It is important to follow these rules if you want to keep the snowball zone. Please help everybody stay safe and have fun in the snow.
  5. Lost one black leather jacket with hoodie attached. Please return to the office, if found.
  6. Missing a pair of black gloves with a stitched flower. If found, please return to the office.
  7. Outdoor Rec will be skating and snowshoeing today at Cottonwood. Please bring skates, helmet, boots and warm clothing.
  8. Grade 6 and 7 students, please return verification forms with changes to the office.
  9. Please return report card envelopes to the office.


  1. Girls’ basketball practice 3:15 – 4:15 Monday.


  1. Purdy’s chocolate orders are in the office and ready to be picked up for those that placed an order.
  2. Please return report card envelopes to the office.
  3. If you need financial support for after school sports activities for your children and have a family income of less than $42,000 you may qualify for financial support from athletics4kids. Please check out this link:
  4. Log onto our school website for updates and the latest information. Follow us on Twitter @TrafalgarMiddle. Remember to check our online school calendar. We’re also now on Facebook and Instagram. Just search for Trafalgar Middle School.


  1. Here is PAC’s new email address Please send us an email if you would like to be included in group email notices for PAC.